100KW 200KW 500KW Water Power Pelton Turbine Generator

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Sichuan,China
Brand Name: FORSTER
Certification: ISO9001/CE/TUV/From-E
Model Number: CJ237
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Wooden Box
Delivery Time: 60 workdays
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 50 sets per month
Design Head: 150m - 700m Design Flow: 0.1005 M3/s - 2.884 M3/s
Power: 300KW-5MW Material: Steel Plate/Stainless Steel
Frequency: 50/60Hz Efficiency: 90%-95%
High Light:

Water Power Pelton Turbine Generator


500KW Pelton Turbine Generator


200KW hydraulic turbine generator

100KW 200KW 500KW Hydraulic Turbine Water Power Pelton Turbine Generator power plant


500KW Hydraulic Turbine Pelton Runner Customized

Product Description

Pelton turbine is a type of turbine used frequently in hydroelectric plants. These turbines are used for sites with high head.


When used for generating electricity, there is usually a water reservoir located at some height above the Pelton turbine. The water then flows through the penstock to specialized nozzles that introduce pressurized water to the turbine. To prevent irregularities in pressure, the penstock is fitted with a surge tank that absorbs sudden fluctuations in water that could alter the pressure.


Hydro turbine generator is droved directly or indirectly by hydro turbine. The rotating speed is less than 1500r/min, with horizontal and vertical arrangement. Excitation mode with brushless and static silicon type.


Hydro turbine and Generator

Components including stator, rotor,base frame, bearing, excitation motor or collecting ring. The outlet voltage from 400V to 13.8KV, and frequency could be 50Hz or 60Hz, output from 50Kw to 50Mw. Our generator are high efficiency, reliable, manufacture and tests all follow related IEC standards.


Application Situation

River Dam Mountain Foot
500KW Hydraulic Turbine Pelton Runner Customized 500KW Hydraulic Turbine Pelton Runner Customized



Key components or supporting equipment

1.Wear-resistant Stainless Steel Runner 2.Automatic Valve
500KW Hydraulic Turbine Pelton Runner Customized 500KW Hydraulic Turbine Pelton Runner Customized
3. High Hydraulic Microcomputer Governor 4. 5 in 1 integrated control panel
500KW Hydraulic Turbine Pelton Runner Customized 500KW Hydraulic Turbine Pelton Runner Customized


Product Parameters

Technical Specifications

Power range 300KW-5MW
Water head 150m - 700m
Water Flow 0.1005 m3/s - 2.884 m3/s
Material Steel plate/Stainless steel
Speed range 300rpm-1000rpm
Installation method Horizontal installation / vertical installation
Frequency 50hz/60hz
Efficiency 90%-95%
Application On-grid/Off-grid
Other Products
Low Head High Flow Francis Turbine High Head Low Flow Turgo Turbine
500KW Hydraulic Turbine Pelton Runner Customized 500KW Hydraulic Turbine Pelton Runner Customized
Power 100KW to 5000KW Power 100KW to 2500KW
Water Head 12m to 290m Water Head 60m to 180m
Water Flow 0.98 m3/s - 36.26 m3/s Water Flow 0.2 m3/s to 1.85 m3/s
Advantage Advantage
1. The difference in operating head can be extra simply controlled in Francis turbine than in
Pelton wheel turbine.
2. Ratio of utmost and least operating head can be even be two in case of Francis Turbine.
3. Mechanical efficiency of pelton wheel decrease faster by wear than Francis turbine.
4. Francis turbine variation in operating head can be more simply controlled.
5. No head failure occurs still at low discharge of water.
Covers the boundary between Francis and Pelton.
1. Limits Over-Pressure Effect over the penstock.
2. Higher speed = weight and cost reduction.
3. Maintains efficiency over a wide flow range.
4. Superior abrasion resistance.
5. Ease of operation and maintenance.
Company Information

100KW 200KW 500KW Water Power Pelton Turbine Generator 9

Main Product

Our main products included:

1, Axial flow type turbine generators series

2,Turgo turbine generators series, e.g. vertical type and horizontal type.

3,Tubular turbine generators series, e.g. Bulb type and shaft extension type

4,Francis turbine hydro generators series

5,Impulse turbine generators series and double turbine generators series and so on.

100KW 200KW 500KW Water Power Pelton Turbine Generator 10

Our Workshop

500KW Hydraulic Turbine Pelton Runner Customized


Engineering Case

hydropower plant Case


1. You are a trading company or a manufacture?

We are a hydro turbine manufacture with over 60 years of experiences, we have facilities in Zigong City, pay a visit to our factory you will know more about us.


2. How to choose a right turbine? There are so many models offering on your website. And how to calculate the turbine capacity?

Just tell me the water head, flow rate, our senior engineer will work out the solution for you. The turbine capacity: P=Flow rate(cubic meter/second) * Water head(m) * 9.8(G) * 0.8(efficiency).


3. What information shoul I provide for getting the quotation?

We need to know water head, flow rate, voltage level, frequency, on-grid or off-grid running, automation level from you to work out the solution.


4. When my turbine shut down, who can help me solve the problem?

You are free to call me day or night at my cellphone number +8613540368205. I am sure our engineer able to fix the problem either by changing spare parts or remove something.


5.Can you do EPC for a hydroelectric power plant?

Yes, we can provide TURN-KEY and EPC services including measurement, design, manufacturing, construction, manufacturing, commissioning, inspection, maintenance runner replacement and refurbishment/upgrade/improvement/repair/refurbishment of turbines/generators including bearings, seals For parts and key parts, we will send technicians and workers to install equipment.


6. How can I trust you?

Pay us via trade assurance is not a problem. And we also accept L/C. To build mutul-trust we think pay a visit to our facility is the best way.


Q7,Does your company have its own independent official website?

Of course, and we can see more information about our company and products on our official website. website address: www.fstgenerator.com


Hydro Turbine belongs to customized products. We could design products according to your requirement. Could you give us the following parameters so that we could make a professional solution for your project.


1.Flow rate ( lit/sec or m³/sec?)
2.Water head ( m?)
3.Total power you need( KW?)
4.Frequency ( 50 hz or 60 hz?)
5. Voltage( V?)
6. On grid or off grid?
7. Voltage of transmission line if it is on grid( V?)
8. Elevation(MSL)
9. Is it clean fresh water(with our sand, stone and silt ect,.)
By the way,could you tell me your whatsapp number(phone number) ?

Contact Details

WhatsApp : +8613408630944