1MW 5MW Hydro Electric Francis Water Turbine For Hydropower Plant

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Sichuan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Forster
Certification: ISO9001/CE/TUV/From-E
Model Number: HL220/A153-WJ-60
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 90days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, T/T, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 50 Set/Sets per Month
Design Head: 30 M To 82m Design Flow: 1.78 M³/s To 9.52m³/s
Power: 500 KW To 6000 KW Connection Method: Straight League
Color: According To Customer Choice Excitation Device: 5 In 1 Integrated Control Panel
Runner Material: Stainless Steel Governor: High Hydraulic Microcomputer Governor
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1mw francis water turbine


5mw francis water turbine

5MW Hydro Electric Francis Turbine Generator On The River Dam


Features of Francis Turbine

Francis turbine has compact structure, high efficiency, and can adapt to a wide range of heads. It is currently one of the turbine models widely used in various countries in the world. When water flows through the working wheel of this kind of hydraulic turbine, it enters in the radial direction and flows out in the axial direction, so it is also called radial axial flow turbine.

It is suitable for the range of water head from 20 meters to 700 meters. It has simple mechanism, stable operation and high efficiency, but it is generally used in the range of medium head (50 meters to 400 meters). The output of a single machine ranges from tens of kilowatts to hundreds of thousands of kilowatts. At present, the maximum output of this kind of turbine has exceeded 700,000 kilowatts. It is the most widely used hydraulic turbine.

1MW 5MW Hydro Electric Francis Water Turbine For Hydropower Plant 01MW 5MW Hydro Electric Francis Water Turbine For Hydropower Plant 1


Composition of Francis Turbine


The structure of a Francis turbine includes a volute, a seat ring, a water guiding mechanism, a top cover, a runner, a main shaft, a guide bearing, a bottom ring, a draft tube, etc., as shown in Figure 1, which also indicates the flow direction of the water. The volute is a water diversion part, shaped like a snail shell, and is generally made of metal with a circular section. The seat ring is placed between the volute and the guide vane and consists of an upper ring, a lower ring and a number of uprights, which are directly connected to the volute; the uprights are wing-shaped and cannot rotate, and are also called fixed guide vanes. The water guide mechanism is composed of movable guide vanes, speed control ring, crank arm, connecting rod and other components.
The runner is directly connected to the main shaft and is the rotating part of this type of turbine. The runner is composed of an upper crown, a lower ring, a drain cone and a number of fixed blades. Its shape and the matching dimensions of each component are determined by the different heads used. Different. The draft tube is the water-discharge part of the turbine that guides the water flow from the runner outlet to the downstream. It is generally elbow-shaped. A straight cone-shaped draft tube is commonly used in small hydraulic turbines.



5MW Hydro Electric Francis Turbine Generator On The River DamTechnical Parameter

HL-WJ-Francis tubine generator unit Generator Gevernor or Regulating work Valve
Type Water head(m) Discharge (m³/s) Speed (r/min) Power(kw) Efficiency(%)
45 1.78 1000 680 86.5
SFW630-6 DST-3000 Or YDT-3000 Z945T6(10)Dg600
53 1.93 863 SFW800-6
65 2 1090 SFW1000-6
30 2.13 750 538 86
SFW500-8 DST-3000 PDF6(10)-WDDg1000
35 2.27 678 SFW630-8
42 2.43 870 SFW800-8 YDT-3000
50 2.55 1075 SFW1000-8 YDT-6000
58 2.72 1000 1344 87
SFW1250-6 YDT-3000
67 2.99 1720 SFW1600-6
76 3.36 2150 SFW2000-6
33 3 600 860 88.5 SFW800-10 YDT-6000 PDF6(10)-WDDg1250
38 3.32 1075 87 SFW1000-10
44 3.56 750 1344 87.5 SFW1250-8
53 3.72 1720 89 SFW1600-8 YWT-10000
61 4.13 1000 2150 87 SFW2000-8
72 4.43 2688 86 SFW2500-6
31 3.95 500 1075 89.5
SFW1000-12 YDT-600 PDF6(10)-WDDg1250
35 4.43 1344 SFW1250-12
42 4.72 600 1720 SFW1600-10 YWT-10000
50 4.9 2150 SFW2000-10
57 5.56 750 2688 SFW2500-8
66 6.01 3444 SFW3200-8 YWT-18000
76 6.52 4301 SFW4000-8
33 5.84 428.6 1720 91 SF1600-14 YWT-10000 PDF6(10)-WDDg1500
38 6.41 2150 90 SF2000-14
44 6.88 500 2688 90.5 SF2500-12 YWT-18000
52 7.5 3441   SF3200-12
60 8.12 4301 90 SF4000-10
70 8.65 600 5376 90.5 SF5000-10 YWT-30000
82 9.52 6774 88.5 SF6300-40


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