600KW Kaplan Low Head Water Turbine Generator Hydraulic Free Energy

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Sichuan China
Brand Name: FORSTER
Certification: ISO9001/CE/TUV/From-E
Model Number: ZD500-LM
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden Box
Delivery Time: 90 Days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 40 Sets Per Month
Design Head: 13.5-16.3 M Flow Rate: 4.61-6.22 M3/s
Speed Range: 400-500 R/min Frequency: 50hz/60hz
Power Range: 600-1000 KW Efficiency: 86%-89%
Blade Material: Stainless Steel Color: Customer's Requirements
Warranty: 1 Year Keyword: Turbine Generator
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600RPM Low Head Water Turbine Generator


Kaplan Water Turbine Generator


600KW Low Head Water Turbine

600KW Kaplan Low Head Water Turbine Generator Hydraulic Free Energy


Kaplan Turbine Generator Feature:

Kaplan water turbine generators are now widely used throughout the world in high-flow, low-head power production. The Kaplan water turbine generator was an evolution of the Francis water turbine generator. Its invention allowed efficient power production in low-head applications that was not possible with Francis water turbine generators. According to whether the runner blade is movable or not in operation, it is divided into two categories: axial movable-blade type and axial fixed-blade type.


Main parts usually include Blades, hub, main shaft, runner cone, rotating mechanism.



1. Water head: 2m - 70m

2. Power: 0.6KW - 30000KW

3. Frequency: 50/60hz

4. Generator Output Voltage: 0.4KVV, 6.3KV, or 10.5KV AC three phase,

We can supply kaplan water turbine generator above 0.6KW till 30MW, supply the runner with Forge and CNC machine, or runner with cast abrading machine for your require.

Product Introduction

1. Water turbine generator suitable for the development of low water head(2-30m) and larger flow of water resources.

2. Water turbine generator suitable for large change of water head and small load changes of power station,

3. Water turbine generator suitable for the power station that middle and low water head, head and power can be changed greatly,it can be operated stably and efficiently in various working conditions

4. This water turbine generator is a vertical shaft device, it has the advantages of simple structure and convenient repair, the equipment ‘s price is low and it's easy to realize the characteristics of direct drive etc.


Kaplan Water Turbine Generator Parameters:

ZD-LM(Y)-Kaplan water tubine generator unit Generator Gevernor or Regulating work
Type Blade angle(°) Water head(m) Discharge (m³/s) Speed (r/min) Power(kw) Efficiency(%)
Zd500- LM ( Y )-100 +5. 13.5 4.61 500 537 88 SF500-12/1180 SF630-12/1180 SF800-10/1180 SF1000-10/1180 YT6000
17 4.58 672
16.5 5.48 875 YWT-10000
22.5 5.45 600 1059
+10° 11.1 4.61 428.6 437 87 SF400-14/1180 YT6000
13.5 4.67 538 SF500-14/1180
14.9 5.43 500 690 SF630-12/1430 YWT-10000
18,9 5.37 867 SF800-12/1430
19.6 6.49 600 1085 SF1000-10/1730


Kaplan Water Turbine Generator Pictures:

600KW Kaplan Low Head Water Turbine Generator Hydraulic Free Energy 0600KW Kaplan Low Head Water Turbine Generator Hydraulic Free Energy 1



Other Products

Turgo Turbine Generator Francis Turbine Generator
600KW Kaplan Low Head Water Turbine Generator Hydraulic Free Energy 2 600KW Kaplan Low Head Water Turbine Generator Hydraulic Free Energy 3
Power                                              500-1000 KW Power                                       1300-4200 KW         
Water Head                                      160-250 m Water Head                              48-89 m              
Flow Rate                                         0.42-0.52 m3/s Flow Rate                                 3.21-5.03 m3/s
Advantage Advantage

1. Turgo water turbine generator mainly by the nozzle and runner, and so on. The runner consists of an outer ring, an inner hub and a number of single bowl-shaped bucket vanes fixed thereupon. The nozzle jet flows off the back of the face of the runner at an oblique angle of 22.5 ° .

2. The turgo water turbine generator has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and low efficiency. Only for small power plants. The applicable water head is 20 ~ 100m.

3. Horizontal turgo turbine generator unit has the advantages of a simple structure, easy maintenance, reduce plant height , reduce the excavation depth.

4. Vertical turgo turbine generator unit has a small plant size plane, one can install multiple nozzles (currently up to six nozzles can be installed) on the wheel, high specific speed, the same capacity unit size is relatively small and weigh lightly.


1. Francis water turbine generator has the advantages of compact structure, high efficiency, can adapt to a wide range of water head of turbine type, is one of the widely used around the world.

2. Francis water turbine generator is a kind of turbine suit to water head 50-400 meters and with certain suitable flow.

3. Francis turbine generator could be divided into vertical and horizontal arrangement. Francis turbine generator have the advantage of high efficiency, small size and reliable structure.

4. Francis hydro turbine generator can be designed for a wide range of heads and flows and are the most common water turbine in use today.

5. The Francis hydro turbine has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, low cost, high efficiency at full capacity (typically over 90%). Stable in running, applicable to a wide range of water heads.

Company Information


600KW Kaplan Low Head Water Turbine Generator Hydraulic Free Energy 4 

Our company always provides technical advice, services and the best technical solutions to customers based on their specific parameters. At the same time, it keeps offering after sale service for our products. We always adhere to the principle of honesty and pragmatism, quality first, will be broad-minded, the attitude of life into our work, and strive to create a win-win situation for customers, enterprises and society. In the fierce market competition, we have always adhered to the details of success or failure, focusing on the achievement of excellence in the spirit of enterprise. In the friendly cooperation with customers at home and abroad, we have been pursuing the business philosophy of creating maximum value for customers.


Why Choose Us:

1.We can provide the complete equipment, including: Water Turbine, Generators, Inlet Valve, Governor, Computer Control Panel, and other ancillary equipment.

2.We have Microcomputer digital speed governor.

3.Our Low voltage (400V) Generator can be controlled by microcomputer monitor system.( A key to boot, and a key off)


Our Main Products Included:

(1) Francis water turbine generators series with high efficiency.

(2) Pelton water turbine generators series suit for high head and low flow.

(3) Kaplan water turbine generators series is vertical shaft device and has simple structure.

(4) Tubular water turbine generators series, e.g. Bulb type and Shaft Extension type.

(5) Turgo water turbine generators series with single or double nozzle.

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Q1, Which water turbine generator should I choose?

Our products are all customized, so please tell me your water head, flow rate, frequency, total power, voltage, on grid or off grid operation, we will make a suitable solution for you.

Q2, How about your products' quality?

We have a very strict quality controlling system which promises that goods we produced are always of the best quality, and our products have sold in 50 areas abroad. They are very  popular with  the users there.

Q3, Do you have own factory?

Yes we have. We are a manufacturer of water turbine generators and have own factory. We started to promote the international market in 2013. Our factory is located in Sichuan, where China's water conservancy and hydropower is most developed. Welcome to visit our factory in China.

Q4, How to order?

Step 1, Please tell us what model and quantity you need, because our products are all customized;
Step 2, Then we will make a PI for you to confirm the order details;
Step 3, When we confirmed everything,you can arrange the payment;
Step 4, Finally we deliver the goods within the stipulated time.

Q5, How to make a payment?

We can accept L/C, T/T, D/A, D/P, Western Union, Moneygram , Escrow and so on.

Q6,How long is the delivery time?

Delivery times range from 15 days to 6 months depending on which turbine generator you are purchasing.

Q7,How to transport the goods?
Because our goods are big and heavy, so we usually transported by Air freight or sea freight.




Our all water turbine generators are all customized. We produce water turbine generator according to your specific needs. Could you give us the following parameters so that we could make a professional solution for your project.

1.Flow rate (   lit/sec or   m³/sec?)
2.Water head (    m?)    
3.Total power (    KW?)
4.Frequency ( 50 hz or  60 hz?)
5. Voltage(      V?)
6. On grid or off grid?

7. Voltage of transmission line if it is on grid( V?)
8. Elevation (MSL)
9. Is it clean fresh water(with our sand, stone and silt ect,.)


By the way,could you tell me your whatsapp number(phone number) ? 

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