Automated Control Hydro Turbine Generator 380v 400v For River

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Sichuan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Forster
Certification: CE/TUV/ISO9001/From-E
Model Number: HL240C-LJ-140
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: wood box
Delivery Time: 120days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 30 Set/Sets per Month
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Insulation Class: F/F
Governor:: High Hydraulic Microcomputer Governor Control System: Automation Control System
Keyword: Francis Turbine Generator Port: Shanghai/shenzhen
Valve: Butterfly Valve / Gate Valve Voltage: 380v,400v
Design Head: 16-45m Design Flow: 1mw-10mw
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water turbine electric generator


water powered electric generator

Automated control of complete equipment Francis turbine generator for hydro power plant


Product features

The stability, efficiency and cavitation corrosion of water turbine set are three main evaluation indexes. With the development of water turbine units towards the direction of large size and large capacity, its own natural frequency also decreases, and the frequency of the interference excitation force is the same order of magnitude, therefore, the stability of the operation of water turbine units becomes a more important problem. The design of turbine runner directly affects or determines the three major technical indicators, but at present, there is still a gap between China and foreign countries in the design of turbine runner. The dynamic characteristic analysis and comprehensive optimization design of turbine runner is a very meaningful and difficult research topic in turbine design. This article has carried on the beneficial research and exploration to this, the following main results: 1) from the water and the coupling effect of wheel, more systematic and comprehensive analysis of the wheel under the condition of the dynamic characteristics, including the wheel and blade are calculated respectively in the air and the natural frequency and main modes in the water, the rotating centrifugal force is calculated under the wheel structure in the running state and flow water pressure influence on the dynamic characteristics of the wheel, wheel under the operation condition are analyzed, the possibility of resonance. Through the comparison and analysis of the calculated results and the related test results, it provides the reference guidance for the design. 2) on the basis of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), developed a fluid-structure interaction (FSI), a calculation model for viscous fluid medium, using the ALE format to handle moving boundary between fluid and structure, fluid domain and solid domain respectively independent calculation, process control transfer fluid pressure and displacement and speed as the boundary conditions of the other party, solid coupling calculation. On the basis of ANSYS5.6, APDL programming language is applied to control fluid calculation and structure calculation to realize the solution of coupling system. The effectiveness of the proposed method and program is demonstrated by three examples, and the dynamic stress generated by the hydrodynamic pressure of the runner under different working conditions is calculated and analyzed. 3) the field test and calculation of a water turbine are carried out. Through comprehensive research and analysis, the causes of the turbine's violent vibration, noise and blade cracking are obtained, and the Suggestions for solving the problems are put forward. 4) on the basis of the dynamic analysis of the runner structure and combined with the hydraulic design of the runner, genetic algorithm was used for the first time in the comprehensive optimization design of the runner, and the software for the comprehensive optimization design of water efficiency and dynamic characteristics of the runner was developed. The above research constitutes a complete set of procedures and methods for the analysis of the dynamic characteristics of the runner. At the same time, each part can operate independently, which can be used to calculate the liquid-solid coupling vibration of the runner, the dynamic characteristics of the transition process and the comprehensive optimization design of the runner. The research results have been applied in forster technology co., ltd., and have been well received.



1.Francis turbine has the advantages of compact structure, high efficiency and can adapt to a wide range of water head of turbine type. 

2.When the water flow through the turbine wheel, it enters to radial, axial flow, so it is also called the radial axial flow turbine;

3.Francis turbine is also called the Francis turbine. The water flow from the surrounding radial inflow runner, then approximate axial flow runner, runner by the crown, under the ring and the blade;

4.It is applicable to the head from a range of 20 meters of up to 700 meters, has the advantages of simple structure, stable operation, and high efficiency, but it is generally used in the head in the range(50 to 400 meters). Single output from tens of KW to several 101000 tile. At present this kind of turbine maximum output has exceeded 700000 kilowatts. A turbine is one of the most extensively used.

5.Francis hydro turbine generator unit is one of our common hydraulic turbines. It consists of hydraulic turbines, generators and other basic components.


Product parameters

HL-WJ-Francis turbine generator unit Generator Gevernor or Regulating work Valve
Type Water head(m) Discharge (m³/s) Speed (r/min) Power(kw) Efficiency(%)
HL240C-LJ-140 16.8 11.65 214.3 1720 89.4 SF1600-28/2600 YWT-18000 PDF60(40)-WYDg2250
19.5 12.55 250 2150 89.6 SF2000-24/2600
22.6 13.52 2688 89.6 SF2500-24/2600
26.7 14.7 300 3440 90 SF3200-20/2600 YWT-30000
30.8 15.76 4255 90 SF4000-20/3250
35.7 16.78 5319 89.4 SF5000-20/3250
HL240C-LJ-160 16.2 14.95 200 2128 90.3 SF2000-30/2600 YWT-30000 PDF60(40)-WYDg2500
18.8 16.1 2688 90 SF2500-30/2600
22.2 17.48 250 3420 89.5 SF3200-24/3250 YWT-38000
25.7 18.83 4225 90 SF4000-24/3250
29.9 20.29 5319 90.5 SF5000-24/3250 YWT-50000
34.8 21.91 300 6702 90.6 SF6300-20/3250
HL240C-LJ-180 16.1 18.84 187.5 2660 90.3 SF2500-32/3250 YWT-38000
19 20.45 3402 90.8 SF3200-32/3250
22 22 4263 90.7 SF4000-32/3250
25.5 23.74 200 5319 89.7 SF5000-30/3250
29.8 25.63 250 6702 89 SF6300-30/4250
34.7 27.66 8421 90.8 SF8000-24/4250
HL240C-LJ-200 16.5 23.53 150 3402 91 SF3200-40/3250 YWT-50000 PDF60(40)-WYDg3200
19.1 25.36 4255 90.3 SF4000-40/3250
22.2 27.32 5319 91 SF5000-32/3250
25.9 29.5 187.5 6702 91 SF6300-32/4250 YWT-44000
30.3 31.94 8510 90 SF8000-32/4250
35.5 34.41 200 10638 89.8 SF10000-30/4250
HLA551-WJ-50 22.2 1.48 750 274 84.6 SFW250-8/740 DST3000
Or YT-3000
27 1.63 1000 367 85.4 SFW320-6/740
30.58 1.74 446 85.4 SFW400-6/850
35.5 1.85 552 83 SFW500-6/850
41 2.01 685 84.5 SFW630-6/990
HLA551-WJ-60 20.3 2.05 600 350 85.5 SFW320-10/850 DST3000
Or YT-3000
23.3 2.19 433 86 SFW400-8/850
27.2 2.37 750 546 86.1 SFW500-8/990
32 2.57 689 85.4 SFW630-8/990 YT-6000
36.8 2.76 849 85.1 SFW800-8/1180
42.2 2.96 1000 1055 86.1 SFW1000-6/1180
48.9 3.18 1313 86 SFW1250-6/1180
HLA551-WJ-71 21.6 2.97 500 542 85.9 SFW500-12/990 YT-6000 PDF6-WDDg1200
24.9 3.19 676 86.6 SFW630-10/1180
29.2 3.46 600 851 86 SFW800-10/1180
33.5 3.7 1055 86.8 SFW1000-8/1180
38 3.96 750 1292 86.8 SFW1250-8/1180 YWT-10000
43.9 4.34 1607 86 SFW1600-8/1430


Product pictuers

Automated Control Hydro Turbine Generator 380v 400v For River 0Automated Control Hydro Turbine Generator 380v 400v For River 1



Installation design drawings

Automated Control Hydro Turbine Generator 380v 400v For River 2




Q1, Which turbine should I choose?

 Please tell me the water head, flow rate, frequency, Total power you need

, voltage, on grid or off grid operation, we will propose a solution.


Q2, Can your factory provide all the equipment for hydropower generation?

Yes, we can provide you with turbines, hydro-generators, pressure regulators, turbine wheels, control panels, transformers, monitoring systems and more.


Q3, Can you do EPC for a hydroelectric power plant?

Yes, we can provide TURN-KEY and EPC services including measurement, design, manufacturing, construction, manufacturing, commissioning, inspection, maintenance runner replacement and refurbishment/upgrade/improvement/repair/refurbishment of turbines/generators including bearings, seals For parts and key parts, we will send technicians and workers to install equipment.


Q4,Is your company a trading company or a manufacturer?

We are a manufacturer of hydro turbine generators and started to promote the international market in 2013. Our factory is located in Sichuan, where China's water conservancy and hydropower is most developed. Welcome to visit our factory in China.


Q5, What is an acceptable MOQ?

 For this product, our acceptable MOQ is 1 set.


Q6,How long is the delivery time?

Delivery times range from 15 days to 6 months depending on the model you are purchasing.


Q7,Does your company have its own independent official website?

Of course, and we can see more information about our company and products on our official website.

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