Free Energy 67m Francis Generator For Power Electric Generator Plant

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Sichuan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Forster
Certification: ISO9001/CE/TUV/From-E
Model Number: HL190/D54-WJ-71
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden box
Delivery Time: 90days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, T/T, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 50 Set/Sets per Month
Design Head: 67m To 290 M Design Flow: 0.77 M³/s To 5.63 M³/s
Power: 400 KW To 130000 KW Connection Method: Straight League
Runner Material: Stainless Steel Generator: Brushless Excitation
Valve: Butterfly Valve Rated Speed: 750-1000
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67m Francis Generator


0.77 m³/s Francis Generator

Free Energy Francis Turbine Generator Power Electric Generator Plant


The Francis turbine is the most widely used type of turbine today. This turbine can operate at a head height of 40 to 600 meters (130 to 2,000 feet). It is most commonly used in hydroelectric power generation. The output power of generators driven by this form ranges from a few kilowatts to 8 million kilowatts, while the power output range of smaller hydroelectric generators may be even lower. The design diameter of the penstock (input pipeline) of the hydraulic kinetic energy source is between 3 and 33 feet (0.91 and 10.06 meters), and the speed range is from 75 to 1000 rpm. The swing gate surrounds the periphery of the rotating flow channel of the turbine to control different power production rates by controlling the flow rate of the water through the turbine.

In most cases, Francis turbines are equipped with tall and long bearings to drive distant generators to generate electricity. Generally there are horizontal and vertical axes. The intention is to keep water away from the generator, and because the generator is separated from the turbine, This makes the installation more convenient and flexible, and also more convenient for maintenance and repair of generators or water turbines.


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Francis turbine is mainly composed of components

Turbine volute: The outer shell covering the water wheel motor wheel is called "volute" because of its appearance similar to that of a snail.
Guide or stay blade: The main function of the guide or stay blade is to convert the pressure energy of the working fluid into kinetic energy. It can also guide the working fluid to flow into the rotor blades at a design angle.


Moving wheel blade: The moving wheel blade is the most important component of any type of hydraulic turbine. When the working fluid flows through the turbine, the fluid will hit the moving wheel blade and it is the center point of the tangential force impact, which makes the blade rotate and drive the shaft. Rotates, and the generator at the end generates electricity.

Draft tube: The draft tube is a pipe connected to the turbine flow channel. The end of the pipe will be connected to the discharge channel to discharge the water from the turbine into the discharge channel. The main function of the tailpipe is to reduce the flow rate of the discharged working fluid to minimize the loss of kinetic energy at the outlet of the turbine. This makes it unnecessary to reduce the height of the water head when setting the draft pipe of the turbine



Free Energy Francis Turbine Generator Power Electric Generator Plant Technical Parameter

HL-WJ-Francis turbine generator unit Generator Gevernor or Regulating work Valve
Type Water head(m) Discharge (m³/s) Speed (r/min) Power(kw) Efficiency(%)
67.7 0.77 750 440 86 SFW400-8/850 YT-3000
78.6 0.83 1000 557 87 SFW500-6/850
91.6 0.9 710 87.2 SFW630-6/990
107.4 0.97 891 85.6 SFW880-6/990
124.7 1.05 1103   SFW1000-6/1180
D54 -
98 1.3 750 1103 88.1 SFW1000-8/1180 YT-6000 Z941H-1.6(2.5)Dg600
114 1.4 1000 1385 88.5 SFW1250-6/1180
134 1.52 1774 88.8 SFW1600-6/1430
      87.6 SFW2000-6/1430 YDT-6000
181 1.76 2709 86.7 SFW2500-6/1430
91 1.75 750 1376 88.1 SFW1250-8/1430 YT-6000 Z941H-1.6(2.5)(4.0)Dg800
107 1.9 1769 88.7 SFW1600-8/1430
124.5 2.04 2216 88.5 SFW2000-8/1730 YWT-10000
144.5 2.21 2732 87.2 SFW2500-8/1730
170 2.39 3527 88.5 SFW3200-6/1730 YWT-18000
198 2.58 4256 87.9 SFW4000-6/2150
229 2.78 1000 5500   SFW5000-6/2150
86.4 2.23 600 3404
90 SF1600-10/1730 YWT-10000 Z941H-1.6Dg800
100.3 2.4 750 90 SF2000-10/2150
137.2 2.81 90 SF3200-8/2150
158.1 3.02 90 SF4000-8/2150 Z941H-2.5Dg800
183.4 3.25 90 SF5000-8/2150 YWT-18000
214 3.51 1000 91 SF6300-6/2150
250.9 3.8 91 SF8000-6/2150 Z941H-1.6Dg800
291.1 4.1 91 SF10000-6/2600
78.6 3.06 500 2128 91 SF2000-12/2150 YWT-18000 Z941H-1.6Dg800
107.5 3.58 3404 91 SF3200-12/2150
124.8 3.84 600 4255 91 SF4000-10/2600
144.8 4.16 5319 91 SF5000-10/2600 Z941H-2.5Dg800
169 4.49 750 6632 90 SF6300-8/2600
196.8 4.85 8421 91 SF8000-8/2600 YET-30000
228.3 5.22 10522 91 SF10000-8/2600 Z941H-4.0Dg800
264.9 5.63 13158 90.5 SF12500-8/2600
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