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2000 KW Pelton Turbine And Generator Delivery

March 11, 2020

The 2000 KW PeltonTurbine Generator Unit for European Union. is officially delivered. This is the fifty turbine unit we ordered from our agent in European Union since our first cooperation in 2012. This unit is also for commercial use. Selling power generation to surrounding cities and countries. Regarding this 2000 kw Francis turbine generator unit, the total weight of the unit is 12 tons, and the net weight of the unit is 10T. All packaging of Francis turbine unit It is packed in high-quality wooden cases and waterproof and rust-proof vacuum film is used inside. Ensure that the unit arrives at the customer's destination port and the product is in good condition. Production was completed at the end of February, 2020, unit testing was carried out in March, including generator operation commissioning and turbine commissioning, perfect factory, shipment by sea today, and shipment to Shanghai port.


Forster HI160/D46-WJ-84 pelton hydro turbine generator main technical parameters

1.Design head:96 meter,

2.Flow rate:4 cubic meters

3.Out put:2680 KW.