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320kw Francis turbine generator delivery

November 14, 2019

The 320 kW Francis turbine generator set from Albania was officially delivered today. This is the fifth turbine that our European agents have ordered from our company since the cooperation in 2015. This unit is also used for commercial purposes. Sell ​​electricity to surrounding cities and countries. However, the mountain range of the customer's water source has been snowing recently and can only be installed in advance to be put into use next year. For this 320 kW Francis turbine generator set, the total weight is 10,468 kg and the net weight is 8,550. The net weight of the generator is 3100 kg. Electric gate valve: 750kg. Inlet water bend, water trap, flywheel cover, cone before eating, eating water pipe, expansion joint: 125kg. Main unit components, counterweight, connecting parts brake (with bolt), brake pad: 2650kg. Flywheel, electric rail, heavy hammer mechanism (heavy hammer parts), standard box: 1200kg. All packaging of the Francis turbine unit is packaged in high-quality wooden boxes with a waterproof rust-proof vacuum film inside. Make sure the device reaches the customer's destination port and the product is in good condition. Production was completed at the end of October 2019 and unit tests were carried out in November, including generator commissioning and turbine commissioning, a complete plant, today's shipping and shipping to Shanghai.
The following is detailed parameter information for the 320 kW Francis turbine generator set:

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Model: SFWE-W320-6 / 740

Power: 320kw insulation class: F / F

Voltage: 400V power factor cos: 0.8

Current: 577.4A excitation voltage: 127V

Frequency: 50Hz excitation current: 1.7A

Speed: 1000r / min out of control speed: 2000r / min

Standard number GB / T 7894-2009

Phase: 3 stator winding mode: Y

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In April next year, we will personally visit our agents in Europe and our customers who are directly working with us, and will have face-to-face exchanges on the procurement cooperation plan for next year. It is tentatively scheduled to start three projects in 2019. We will have the right to work with our agents and direct customers. This time we will visit customers in Europe. We will also visit customers in some of the countries around us to discuss Forster's global export plans for next year.

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