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About The Structure And Speed Of Hydroelectric Generators

March 11, 2020

Regarding the structure and rotational speed of the hydro-generator set, the rotational speed of the hydro-generator set will determine the frequency of the alternating current. In order to ensure the stability of this frequency, the rotor speed must be stabilized. In order to stabilize the rotation speed, the speed of the prime mover (turbine) can be controlled by closed-loop control. The frequency signal of the alternating current to be sent is sampled and fed back to the control system that controls the opening and closing angle of the turbine vane to control the The output power can stabilize the speed of the generator set through the feedback control principle. The most relevant to the speed is the structure of the hydro-generator. The installation structure of the hydro-generator is usually determined by the type of the hydro-turbine. There are the following types:

1) Horizontal structure of hydroelectric generator unit Hydroelectric generators with horizontal structure are usually driven by pelton turbine.

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2) Vertical structure of hydroelectric generator set Domestically-made hydroelectric generator set widely adopts vertical structure. Vertical turbine generator sets are usually driven by mixed-flow or axial-flow turbines. Vertical structure can be divided into suspension and umbrella. The thrust bearing of the generator located at the upper part of the rotor is called suspension type, and the lower part of the rotor is called umbrella type.

3) Tubular turbine structure The cross-flow turbine generator set is driven by a cross-flow turbine. Tubular turbine is a special type of axial turbine with fixed or adjustable runner blades. Its main feature is that the axis of the runner is arranged horizontally or obliquely, and it is consistent with the direction of water flow of the turbine inlet and outlet pipes. Tubular turbine generator has the advantages of compact structure and light weight, and is widely used in low-head power stations.
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The structure of the hydroelectric generator determines the speed, and the speed is also dependent on the structure. They form a complementary relationship.
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