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Analysis of The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydropower Generator

April 17, 2020

Generating electricity using the gravity of flowing water is called hydropower generator.


The gravity of water is used to rotate the turbine. The turbine drives the magnet in the rotating generator to generate electricity. Water energy is also classified as renewable energy. It is one of the oldest, cheapest and simplest power generation technologies.


hydropower generator is roughly divided into four categories: conventional (dam), pumped storage, rivers and offshore (tides). hydropower turbine is one of the three major sources of electricity in the world, and the other two are burning fossil fuels and nuclear fuels. As of today, it accounts for one sixth of the world's total power generation.


Advantages of hydropower generator


Safety and cleanness-Unlike other energy sources such as fossil fuels, it is as clean and green as nuclear energy and biomass energy. These power plants do not use or release fuel, so they will not emit any greenhouse gases.




Renewable-It is considered to be renewable energy because it uses the earth's water to generate electricity. Water is circulated back to the earth in a natural form without any pollution. Due to the natural water cycle, it will never run out.


Cost-effective-Despite the huge construction costs, hydropower generator is a cost-competitive energy source because maintenance and operating costs are very low.


Flexible source-This is a flexible source of electricity, because these power plants can quickly zoom in and out according to energy demand. The start-up time of a water turbine is much shorter than that of a steam turbine or a gas turbine.


Other uses-Since the hydropower turbine project has formed a huge reservoir, this water can also be used for irrigation and aquaculture. The lake formed behind the dam can be used for purposes such as water sports and leisure activities, making it a tourist destination and creating revenue.


Disadvantages of hydropower turbine


Very high capital costs-These power plants and dams are sometimes very expensive. The construction cost is very high.


Risk of failure-Due to flooding, the dam blocks a large amount of water. Natural disasters, man-made damage, and construction quality can have catastrophic consequences for downstream areas and infrastructure. Such failures may affect the power supply, animals and plants, and may also cause great losses and casualties.


Ecosystem destruction-Large reservoirs cause large areas of submerged upstream of the dam, sometimes destroying lowlands, valley forests and grasslands. It will also affect the aquatic ecosystem around the plant. It has a great impact on fish, waterbirds and other animals.