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Application Of Automation Technology In Hydropower Plant

May 27, 2020

With the world's first hydropower plant built in France in the 19th century, it has a history of one or two hundred years. Until now, the generator technology of hydropower plants has been relatively mature, and new processes and equipment are constantly being added and improved. With the widespread application of automation technology, automation technology has also been implemented in hydropower systems. Then let's introduce the application of automation technology in hydropower plants.


Application of computer monitoring system:

In hydropower plants, real-time computer monitoring system systems are feasible, and can effectively improve the overall efficiency of hydropower plants. The basic equipment of the computer real-time monitoring system is the plant-level computer, GPS clock synchronization system, voice alarm system, network adjustment communication subsystem, water regime communication subsystem, office information network subsystem, etc. After that, the computer real-time monitoring system has a good human-machine interface, and can protect the hardware equipment and software resources in the computer and the system to the greatest extent, laying a good foundation for the realization of unattended automatic operation.


Application of speed regulation system of hydraulic turbine:

The hydraulic turbine speed control system simulation tester is a comprehensive test platform developed for the detection of the characteristics of the hydropower speed control system and the hydroelectric automatic quasi-synchronization system. The instrument can complete the no-load swing, no-load disturbance, Load rejection, immobility time, static characteristics of the governor, switching rules of the servomotor, simulation on / off support, frequency dead zone measurement, load response test, and primary frequency regulation of the tracking grid, etc., automatically generate various types of test reports, HYTS202 can also be used as a universal wave recorder and frequency generator, and the system sampling frequency can reach 4KHZ, which greatly broadens the scope of the instrument and enhances the flexibility of the instrument.

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Application of generator excitation system:

The power supply for the excitation current of the synchronous generator and its auxiliary equipment are collectively called the excitation system. It is generally composed of two main parts: excitation power unit and excitation regulator. The main functions of the excitation system are as follows: 1. Adjust the excitation current according to the change of generator load to maintain the terminal voltage as a given value; 2. Control the reactive power distribution between each generator in parallel operation; 3. Improve the generator Static stability of parallel operation; 4. Improve transient stability of parallel operation of generator; 5. De-excitation in case of failure inside the generator to reduce the degree of failure loss; 6. Implement the generator according to operation requirements Maximum excitation limit and minimum excitation limit.


The above is the application of automation technology in hydropower plants, and the technology of hydro-generator sets is becoming more and more advanced, and there is also a big improvement in work efficiency and safety assurance. With the invention and application of more new technologies, it is believed that the future development of hydro-generator sets will be more long-term.