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Automatic Control Panel For Hydropower Station

April 11, 2020

Gdzd-2 automatic control cabinet is suitable for hydraulic turbine generator set with low voltage of 400V, with the functions of turbine speed regulation, generator excitation, synchronous grid connection, generator comprehensive protection, motor secondary measurement, etc. The user retains the original power generation control screen of the power station, and the automatic power generation and manual/automatic power generation dual system control can be realized by adding this product to ensure the power station operation rate. This product is suitable for the economic plan of upgrading and reforming the original control panel of the old power station.


◆ this system can automatically switch on and off the machine according to the water level analog quantity and switch quantity signal to realize automatic power generation "no man on duty and less man on duty operation".

◆ power on and power off at a fixed time. (for peak-valley power generation)

◆ measurement function: three phase current, three phase voltage, active power, reactive power, frequency, cos, active power, reactive power, 8 way temperature, etc., at a glance on the screen.

◆ power on automatic FM, automatic grid-connection, automatic reactive power adjustment. Stop the process of automatic demagnetization, water off, water break control, brake control.

◆ five modes of power adjustment: manual, knob potentiometer, setting target power, automatic opening, automatic regulation of active power according to water level; Keep the power station running at high water level.

◆ with flying, over current, reverse power, over load, undervoltage, overvoltage, low frequency, over frequency, three-phase unbalanced protection functions, and equipped with 8 temperature patrol protection.

◆ automatically demagnetize and stop the water immediately after the failure, 99 fault records can be saved for easy inquiry.

◆ two sets of automatic/manual systems can be converted freely to ensure the operation rate of the equipment.

◆ power on command, power off command output, easy to control the hydraulic/microcomputer governor.


◆ with the company's dc speed control system, even if the power grid, generator at the same time, also can guarantee the normal shutdown, so that the equipment running more safe and reliable.

◆ powerful communication function. The system can communicate with the upper computer, network communication, and the intelligent management service cloud platform of our company's hydropower station, so as to realize cluster management.

◆ with mobile phone remote monitoring function. On the mobile phone, using the company's special remote software, modify the parameters and control the operation of the device. Some small problems can be solved remotely without the user's hands.


◆ optional computer monitoring software, mobile phone App monitoring software.