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Comparison Between Imported Hydroelectric Turbine Generator And Domestic Hydroelectric Turbine Generator

April 20, 2020

With the development of the economy, the production capacity of the enterprise is also constantly improving and developing, and the peak of electricity consumption in the summer. The "brake-limiting" policy has caused some production enterprises to stop production and shutdown, which will affect the production efficiency of the enterprise. Hydro-generators such as hydro-generators, Cummins hydro-generators, Volvo hydro-generators and other brands have gradually become backup power sources produced by enterprises. It is also an important task to choose a low-cost and good-quality hydroelectric turbine generator among enterprises. Many manufacturing enterprises are also very distressed and confused about the choice of domestic or imported hydroelectric turbine generator. How should they choose? Here is a simple comparison.


1) Maintenance and accessories: Any hydro-generator will fail after a period of time. If you consider the maintenance of accessories, you can use domestic machines. The characteristics of imported diesel engines are relatively few failures, but in case of a little Failure to replace parts, and the price is higher. If you have to ask the headquarters for the replacement parts, this toss may take several months, and during this time, the diesel generator is just a pile of scrap iron in the corner. stop.



2) Quality assurance: Many consumers think that the quality of the domestic machine is not very good, but it is not. The quality of the domestic diesel engine is already very good, unless it is the original product you bought. However, this phenomenon cannot be ruled out for imported diesel hydroelectric turbine generator. Once imported diesel hydroelectric turbine generator are refurbished, many people in China are unlikely to discern the appearance, but domestic hydroelectric turbine generator can please Insiders identify. Imported diesel water turbine generators have relatively high working requirements, while domestically produced ones are suitable for use in harsh environments. Therefore, if the production environment of the enterprise is relatively good, imported diesel water turbine generators can also be purchased.

3) Fuel consumption: The imported machine is calculated according to "≥", while the domestic machine is calculated according to "≤", the general domestic machine's fuel consumption is ≤209 grams to 230 grams per kilowatt hour per hour under full load, and the imported machine In the case of full load use, it is ≥201 grams to 220 grams per kilowatt hour. When purchasing, users can calculate the reasonable purchase plan from the difference between imported and domestic machines and the actual use time they need.


4) Noise: the nominal value of the decibel of the imported machine is calculated according to "≥", while the nominal value of the decibel of the domestic machine is calculated according to "≤", this is that when we look at the technical parameters, the imported machine has much lower noise than the domestic machine The reason is that the decibels of imported machines are only slightly lower than those of domestic machines. Regardless of whether the imported machine is still a domestic machine, as long as it is equipped with a silencer provided by a regular complete factory, the noise emitted can reach the national standard, and the machine room can also isolate a portion of the noise. People outside can hardly feel much noise.


5) The base is equipped with an oil tank: some imported diesel engines are equipped with an oil tank at the bottom, which has a good overall feeling, compact structure and beautiful shape. But there are also disadvantages: the bottom fuel tank is usually made of organic synthetic plastic, which is easily miscible with diesel. The domestic diesel contains organic debris and more water, which more catalyzes this kind of glue. The mixture will block the oil inlet pipe, resulting in unsmooth oil passages, which will cause problems such as the start-up of the hydro-generator, unstable speed after start-up, and endless shutdown. The bottom oil tank is not easy to drain and maintain, which causes the formation of oil stains. The bottom oil tank is a random group entrance for the optional parts of the unit, and its price is higher. Therefore, it is better for the user to still use an external fuel tank, which is convenient for maintenance and maintenance, and can also increase the oil inlet pressure. If the bottom tank is already equipped, it is best to elevate the unit or set up sewage pipes for easy cleaning and maintenance.


6) Price: In fact, the cost of imported machines with tariffs is not much higher than that of domestic machines, or the price of the same domestic model, but the sales price is much higher than that of domestic units. This is also a complete set of imported diesel engine manufacturers who make full use of the psychology of the foreigners to earn high profits. But now the prices of imported diesel engines of certain brands are much lower than those of domestic diesel engines of the same power. Enterprises can purchase diesel hydroelectric turbine generator according to their own requirements, and choose domestic hydroelectric turbine generator or imported hydroelectric turbine generator. The above six factors can be considered to choose a good hydroelectric turbine generator.