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Daily Pperation And Maintenance of Hydropower Stations

April 3, 2020

The world bank published strategies for maintaining hydropower operations: a handbook for practitioners and policy makers. The manual aims to raise the awareness of governments, enterprises and relevant parties on the operation and maintenance of existing hydropower stations.85858
The world bank says the world's total installed hydropower capacity is 1,300 gigawatts. According to the international renewable energy agency (IREA), in 2018 the world's hydropower generation exceeded 4,200twh, accounting for more than 60 percent of the world's total new energy generation. In addition, the average cost of hydropower generation in 2018 was $0.047 / KWH, making it the lowest-cost source of electricity. It can be said that hydropower has provided a large amount of cheap energy security for many years. However, about 52 per cent of the world's hydropower units were installed before 1990, requiring extensive maintenance and repair. If properly maintained, many hydropower facilities can last more than 100 years. Therefore, to ensure the normal operation of hydropower station, it is necessary to establish a perfect operation and maintenance mechanism. This manual provides a complete set of procedures for the operation and maintenance of hydropower station, including eight parts: hydropower station diagnosis, operation and maintenance objectives, key issues, working mode, manpower distribution, cost budget, inspection plan and operation implementation. The manual also provides indicators related to the hydropower station and describes what needs to be done to achieve these indicators.
In addition, the manual analyzes the operation and maintenance of six typical examples in Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Liberia, Uganda and Uruguay/Argentina. The world bank says hydropower plants can learn from these examples.

By the way, we at Forster Technology Co., Ltd have also sorted out the daily operation and maintenance system of the hydropower station, which can be used for reference by the hydropower station practitioners or investors in need.
Regular operation and maintenance
1.1 every night at 21:00, the whole station electrical equipment lights out inspection, accident anticipation.
1.2 the shift groups on the morning shift on the 1st and 15th of each month shall carry out a full-on and full-off operation on the units in operation respectively (applicable to the units that have been out of service for a long time, and the units in operation shall only be closed to the no-load position but not in the column).
1.3 per the operating units shall be shut down for inspection on February 2 (the units running at full load shall be closed to no load). Items include: mechanical operation part, governor and excitation system inspection, oil, water and gas system inspection, electrical part and unit value verification. Clean up all units after inspection.
1.4 staff on duty on the 3rd day of each month shall fill the station's electromechanical equipment with lubricating oil and butter.
1.5 at 14:00 on Thursdays every week, the whole station shall gather in the factory for safety day activities. After the activity, the fire equipment of the whole station shall be inspected, including fire extinguisher pressure, appearance of fire extinguisher and whether the fire extinguisher has expired, and the water hose shall be checked and recorded.
1.6 the flood control channel shall be cleaned and inspected quarterly and once a year before the rainy season.
1.7 clean the whole station every Saturday.
1.8 clear the operation mode of the equipment, the use of the equipment, the discovery and elimination of equipment defects and abnormalities, and clean the environment during the shift.

2. Daily operation maintenance inspection
2.1 staff on duty should inspect the mechanical and electrical equipment once every day at an interval of 1 hour.
2.2 inspect the reservoir dam twice a day, and remove sundries in front of the barrier at the water intake.
2.3 the daily duty personnel shall check and clean the safety appliances, measuring instruments and common spare parts.
2.4 the morning shift staff shall check the fixed value and switching of protection and automatic devices every day.
2.5 the deputy station master on duty shall, in addition to his shift, carry out a comprehensive inspection of the station work at least once a day and promptly deal with any problems found. At the same time, the starting and stopping and load distribution of the two units of the power station were arranged through consultation according to the water inflow. Arrange the shift work of the power station and the inspection work of the reservoir and dam.
2.6 the deputy station master on duty shall conduct a comprehensive inspection on the work of the power station every day and promptly deal with any problems found. At the same time, according to the operation of power station units, arrange the elimination of unit defects, and urge the shift leaders to do a good job of spare parts and common tools statistics, storage and use, if necessary, to report the purchase list.

3. The above work items shall be recorded in the operation log, and the equipment defect records shall be recorded in the case of defects, and timely reported.