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Factors Affecting The Stability of Hydraulic Turbines In Hydropower Stations Ⅳ

May 20, 2020

In the last chapter, the measures to optimize the stability of the hydro-generator set, we said that from the beginning of the design to the quality of the product and the level of inspection, maintenance and maintenance are all measures to improve the stability of the hydro-turbine. In addition, in actual use, there are many operations that affect the stability of the hydraulic turbine. In this article, we will introduce how to improve the stability of the optimized hydraulic turbine generator set in use.

During the use of the turbine, the blades, runners and other components will gradually undergo cavitation and abrasion. Therefore, the turbine needs to be regularly inspected and repaired. At present, in the maintenance work of the turbine, the most common repair method is repair welding repair. In the specific repair welding work, attention should be paid to the deformation of the deformed member at all times. After the repair welding work is completed, non-destructive testing should be carried out and the surface should be polished and smooth.

Strengthening the daily management of the hydropower station is conducive to ensuring the normal operation of the hydro turbine unit, and improving its operational stability and working efficiency.

①Manage the operation of the turbine unit strictly in accordance with the relevant national regulations. Hydropower stations generally have the task of frequency and peak shaving in the system. In a short period of time, the hours of operation beyond the hours of the guaranteed operating range are basically unavoidable. In actual work, the hours of operation outside the operating range should be tried as much as possible. Control at about 5%.

②Under the operating condition of the turbine, the vibration area should be avoided as much as possible. The Francis turbine generally has one vibration zone or two vibration zones, so in the startup and shutdown stages of the turbine, the method of crossing can be used to avoid the vibration zone as much as possible. In addition to this, in the daily work of the water turbine unit, the number of startups and shutdowns should also be minimized. Because in the frequent start-up and shutdown process, the turbine speed and water pressure will continue to change, and this phenomenon is extremely detrimental to the stability of the unit.

③In the new period, science and technology are developing rapidly. In the daily operation of hydropower stations, advanced detection methods should also be used to monitor the operation status of the hydro turbine units in real time to ensure the operation stability of the hydro turbines.


These are the measures to optimize the stability of the hydro-generator set. In the actual implementation of optimization measures, everyone should design optimization schemes scientifically and rationally according to their specific actual conditions. In addition, during normal maintenance and repair, pay attention to whether there are problems with the stator, rotor, and guide bearings of the hydraulic unit to avoid vibration of the hydraulic unit.