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General knowledge about the maintenance of hydroelectric generating units

October 18, 2019

According to the structure of the hydro-generator and the common fault analysis, the routine maintenance and overhaul work of the hydro-generator can be carried out from the inspection and maintenance of the normal operation, and adhere to the daily removal of debris, oiling and rust removal. Fix the screws and replace the damaged parts.

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1. Inspection of the hydro-generator unit: Whether the outer casing of the turbine is intact, whether there is cracking, whether the connecting bolt is loose, whether the rotating parts of the transmission, the governor and the turbine can be operated flexibly; the connection of the coupling is No abnormality, whether the transmission belt joint is firm, whether the tension of the transmission belt meets the operation requirements; check whether all the valves and vanes are in the closed position; whether the bearings and lubrication parts are lubricated as required, the oil quality and oil surface should meet the requirements. Inspection of the electrical part: check whether the wiring of the generator and the control panel is safe, whether the insulation is damaged or not; turn the rotor of the generator and carefully judge whether there is abnormal noise such as abnormal friction or impact; check the brush and the collector ring Or whether the contact of the commutator is good, whether the brush pressure is appropriate, whether the brush is in the brush holder is normal; check whether the switching of each switch is flexible, and whether the melt of each fuse has been fully inserted. The position of all switches on the control panel should be correct so that the generator is in no-load condition.

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2. Routine maintenance of hydro-generator: According to the operation of the hydropower unit, the necessary cleaning of the hydro-generator set should be carried out regularly to keep the equipment of the hydro-generator unit clean, so that there is no debris, no water accumulation and timely Dealing with safety hazards that may cause the hydroelectric generating unit to malfunction. For example, regularly switch the oil pump and the guide bearing oil pump of the oil pressure device to prevent the motor from being damp; the various lever connections of the governor should be regularly filled with oil to prevent corrosion; each steam separator should be periodically drained; the rubber water guide bearing should be cleaned regularly. Lubricate the water filter to prevent the blockage of debris; when the unit is in standby, periodically test the input of the lubricating water of the rubber water guide bearing; regularly fill the butterfly valve bearing with oil. In addition, for the multi-sand rivers, attention should be paid to the wear of the sand to the bearings, guide vanes, runners, etc.; when the northern power station is operating in winter, care should be taken to prevent the ice from destroying the turbine runner blades.

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3.Management personnel should do a good job of inspection and protection. The management and technical personnel of the power station should be regularly trained in technical training to improve their theoretical level, failure analysis and practical operation ability. In the training, different training programs and training activities can be developed for relevant personnel based on different work contents such as maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, and fault handling of the generator. At present, effective on-site technical training methods include technical questions and answers, on-site examination lectures, technical lectures, training courses, failure analysis, practical operations and basic performances. Newcomers to the power station can be trained in the form of a mentoring contract. In addition, the operation management and supervision of the generator should be designated by a special person in accordance with the specific conditions of the power plant management system and the mode of duty. The division of responsibilities should be clearly defined in the on-site operating procedures. The inspection and metering records of the generators and their electrical and mechanical instruments of the “unmanned” power plant shall be clearly specified in the on-site operating procedures. The hydro-generator is one of the main equipments of the whole power station. Whether the long-term and normal operation of the hydro-generator can directly affect the production and economic benefits of the hydropower station. Therefore, in the daily work of the staff, the staff must strictly abide by the operation and use rules of the hydro-generator unit, use it scientifically, do the necessary routine maintenance and repair work, prevent it from happening, and strictly control every link. To ensure the smooth progress of the entire work. Only by using the correct maintenance and timely, can the hydro-generator unit operate normally, prolong its service life, and ensure the safe production of the hydropower station. Only in this way can the power plant provide a safe, stable and reliable operating environment. Ensure the smooth supply of electric energy, promote the progress of social production, and also create better economic benefits for power plants.

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