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Hand Electric Governor For Water Turbine

July 29, 2020

Hand Electric Governor For Water Turbine

1. Scope of application

The hand-operated hydraulic turbine governor is used to adjust the rotation speed of the hydraulic turbine unit to keep it running within the allowable deviation of the rated rotation speed to meet the frequency quality requirements of the grid; it can make the hydraulic turbine generator automatically or manually quickly start, the whole step Grid-connection to increase or decrease the load is related to the power quality and the safe, stable and economic operation of the power station. It can be equipped with hydropower stations that can be equipped with impulse, oblique, tubular, axial, and mixed-flow turbine units. It is a new generation of key equipment to realize the normal speed regulation of hydraulic turbines.

This product consists of the following three series of products:

SHZ series multi-turn manual electric governor, suitable for impact and oblique impact turbines, output torque 200-300N.m

SQC, SHQ series part-turn electric speed governors are suitable for tubular, axial, and mixed-flow turbines. Speed regulating power: 150-15000N.m, output torque 2000--18000N.m.

hyaro turbine Governor

2. Product features

1. Small size

2. Compact structure

3. Hand and electric dual purpose

4. Easy and flexible operation

5. Quality is safe and reliable

6. When the user has requirements, it can be made into an intelligent hand electric governor.


3. Working environment and technical parameters

1. The temperature of the ambient air is -20~+60℃, the temperature is -20~+60°C

2. Relative humidity of ambient air ≤90% (at 25℃)

3. Does not contain corrosive, flammable and explosive media.

4. Rated voltage: three-phase four-wire system, main circuit 380V, control circuit 220V

5. Rated frequency: 50Hz

6. Working mode: S2 short-term fixed quota, the time limit is 10min

7. Shell protection level: IP54 up to IP67

8. The speed adjustment power (1500-15000N.m) of the part-turn manual electric governor should be selected with margin, and the actual speed adjustment power of the turbine should be less than the value specified in the sample parameter table

9. Large control torque: (N.m) Multi-turn 200-300; Partial turn 200-18000

10. Output speed: (r/min) Multi-turn 36; Part-turn 0.5-1 Special motor power (KW): Multi-turn 0.75-1.1 Partial turn 0.55-4;

11. Weight of the whole machine (Kg): Multi-turn 58-68; Part-turn 86-375


For more information on the selection and specifications of the governor, please contact our sales staff.