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Heavy News! Hannover Messe 2020 To Be Cancelled

April 2, 2020

Due to the increasingly severe situation surrounding the new crown virus pandemic(2019-nCoV), the Hanover Industry Fair will not be held this year. Decrees have been issued in Hanover, Germany, which prohibit exhibitions. Therefore, the organizer had to cancel this year's Hannover Messe, and the new date was changed to April 12-16, 2021.


"Given the dynamic development around the new crown virus and the extensive restrictions on public and economic life, the Hannover Industrial Fair cannot be held this year," said Dr. Jochen Kóckler, Chairman of the Management Committee of the Hannover Messe Group. Every effort has been made to achieve this goal, but now we must accept that it will not be possible to host the world's most important industrial event in 2020. "


This is the first time the event has been cancelled in the 73-year history of the Hannover Messe. However, the organizers will not let the display disappear completely. Various web-based formats will enable exhibitors and visitors to the Hannover Messe to exchange information on upcoming economic policy challenges and technological solutions. The live broadcast will feature interactive expert interviews, panel discussions, and best case demonstrations worldwide. Search for exhibitors and products online has also been enhanced, for example through a feature that visitors and exhibitors can contact directly.


"We firmly believe that nothing can replace direct human-to-human contact, and we are already looking forward to the post-epidemic period," Kockler said. "But in times of crisis, we must take flexible and practical action. The organizers of the most important industrial trade fairs, we hope to sustain economic life during the crisis. We are achieving this with new digital products. "


Forster is very repentant to be unable to participate in this worldwide event of the machinery and energy industry due to the worldwide expansion of new coronary pneumonia. Forster is in China, where the 2019-nCoV first erupted. At present, normal production and living order has been restored. Although it is not possible to attend exhibitions around the world, all friends who want water turbines contact forster through the Internet


In China,Many peopel are going to work. But we all have to wear mask otherwise you are not allowed to walk into any building. Tempreture tested when you enter any building.People are wondering if the figure it's under reported in China. I think there is some. But not that worse as outside thinking. Here are some tips for preventing and controlling 2019-nCoV

1. This virus is not deadly enough to kill you. The probelm is its highly contagious. If you are sick and no medical care enough. Then you will die alone.
2.Wuhan was on the first patch. The whole world helped wuhan. Donated medical equipments. There are 34 provinces in China. The majority of them sent their best medicals to wuhan and other cities in Hubei province. And the people in the other province we were staying at home strictly. Which is a big problem for Italy. The other countries in Europe would not help Italy like other province did for HuBei.
3. Chinese medicals and works were much better equipted by protection than Italy and New York. You could see what they wear in news. Since Chinese government realised this problem. Changed quickly. Very low contagious rate in workers and medicals.
4. And we know that this virus is not gone. Will come back again. And we are preparing for that. And we will do better.
5. Anothe difference is We didn't suffer for groceries. Because we really have very advanced delivery system.