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Hydroelectric Generator And Auxiliary System Of Electrical Equipment

July 22, 2020

Hydroelectric generator and auxiliary system of electrical equipment


1. Microcomputer excitation screen:

The hydraulic generator excitation screen is composed of the hydraulic generator excitation device, excitation switch, rectifier unit, de-excitation unit, thyristor, relay, microcomputer excitation regulator and 2260*800*600 cabinet. Our company produces hydroelectric power generation The mechanical excitation system and hydroelectric generator excitation device have been used in many hydropower stations and waste heat power stations. It is one of the few domestic excitation manufacturers with independent property rights.


2. Temperature measurement brake screen

The 9000 temperature measuring brake screen product is one of the supporting products of the integrated automation monitoring system for small and medium hydropower stations. It can accept the operation and data transmission of various instructions from the computer monitoring system, and it can run independently from the monitoring system, and set the The temperature of the rotor, the temperature of the bearing bush and the cooling system of the unit, and the air pressure (oil pressure) of the unit brake system are measured and displayed, and the unit brake function is operated on site.


3. Protection screen of hydroelectric generator

The 900 hydraulic generator protection measurement and control panel is mainly composed of 998 (hydrogenerator differential protection device), 988 (hydrogenerator back-up protection device), 989 (hydrogenerator grounding protection device), and some switch components, cabinet group screens, The microcomputer protection screen integrates protection, measurement, and communication, realizing unattended in a true sense. This product is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized hydropower stations and thermal power station projects, and is mainly used for the control and protection of hydroelectric generating sets and steam turbine hydroelectric generating sets.


4. Main transformer protection screen

The main transformer protection measurement and control screen is to centrally install the main transformer protection measurement and control devices in a 2260*800*600 cabinet, mainly composed of 992 or 993 (main transformer differential protection device), 981 (main transformer high backup protection device), 982 (backup protection device for main transformer), 983 (backup protection device for main transformer), 985 (non-electric power protection device for main transformer), and some switching components, which are mainly used for 110KV, 66KV, 35KV and below main transformers Protection and control.


5. Unit LCU screen

The LCU screen of the unit is mainly composed of a CPU module, a digital input and output module, and a network module, an automatic synchronization device, a manual synchronization device and some other components and modules; it has the function of collecting and processing data related to the main and auxiliary equipment of the hydroelectric generating set. Safety operation monitoring function, control and adjustment function, control function of auxiliary equipment of unit, data communication function, self-diagnosis function. It is an important part of the hydropower integrated automation system.


6. Background monitoring screen

The 900 series hydropower station microcomputer integrated automation control system is a comprehensive power generation control that integrates computer monitoring, data acquisition and processing, sequence control, excitation, speed regulation, automatic quasi-synchronization, speed measurement, power adjustment, water turbine and electrical protection. Device. Advanced technologies such as PLC and fieldbus network optimize the system structure and greatly reduce the investment cost. It is the best choice for the automation transformation and construction of small and medium hydropower stations. With its brand-new concept and superior structure and performance, the 900 hydropower station integrated automation system developed and produced has become the first choice for medium and small hydropower stations.

7. Other power secondary protection screens

Busbar and factory transformer protection screens, line protection screens, network equipment screens, distributed microcomputer protection devices, etc.