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Hydropower Station Turbine Structure and Assembly Ⅲ

August 31, 2020

Six, spindle seal
1. The main shaft seal is to prevent the pressure water in the flow channel from leaking into the bulb body through the gap between the rotating and stationary parts. It is composed of the main shaft seal and the maintenance seal.

2. The main shaft seal adopts the GFO fiber braided packing seal form, and drains the leaking water to the collecting well through the drain pipe at the lower part of the water tank. The packing is lubricated with clean water.


Seven, oil receiver operating oil pipe assembly
1. The oil receiver is installed on the generator stator. It consists of the oil receiver body, the oil receiver seat, the front oil tank, and the operating oil pipe assembly.
2. The oil receiver connects the opening and closing operation pressure oil from the main pressure distribution valve of the governor to the piston cylinder in the runner through the operation oil pipe, forming an oil supply system for operating the rotation of the runner blades. The inner cavity of the oil receiver passes the oil from the gravity tank to the inner cavity of the runner to form a constant pressure oil, which is used to seal the blade and the runner body to prevent water in the runner from entering the runner body. The rotation angle of the runner blades is fed back to the governor through the return mechanism.

Eight. Combined bearings
1. The combined bearing is composed of forward and reverse thrust bearings and radial bearings. The mirror plate bears the positive thrust, 10 positive thrust pads, elastic support, 10 reverse thrust pads, and rubber pad support. The diameter of the mirror plate is φ1900mm, and the forward and reverse thrust pads have an inner diameter of φ1200mm and an outer diameter of φ1890mm. Support center φ1890mm. The radial bearing has an inner diameter of 950mm and a length of 810mm. It is divided into half structure. The radial bearing is equipped with a static pressure type hydraulic load shedding device. When the unit is started or stopped, the unit will be put into operation when its speed reaches 95% of the rated speed.
2. The thrust bearing adopts dynamic pressure operation mode. The radial bearing adopts dynamic pressure operation, static pressure starting and stopping. The thrust bearing adopts oil immersion lubrication cooling method. The oil surface of the oil tank floods the outer diameter of the thrust pad, and the thrust bearing lubrication oil is composed of positive thrust and reverse thrust into the oil tank, and is discharged from the upper part of the oil tank to the hydraulic pump station.
3. The radial bearing lubricating oil comes from a gravity oil tank and is discharged on two sides. The downstream side is discharged into the reverse thrust bearing oil groove, and the upstream side is discharged into the upper oil groove. The bearing lubricating oil adopts the forced outer ring cooling method. The lubricating oil is introduced into the bearing from the gravity tank through the pipeline. After the bearing is lubricated, the hot oil flows into the hydraulic pump station through the pipeline in two ways. The hydraulic pump station uses an oil pump to send the hot oil to the gravity oil tank through the cooler , In this cycle.


Nine, relay

The unit adopts two rear hinged straight cylinder servomotors with a diameter of φ300mm. The operating oil pressure is 6.0Mpa and the stroke is 966.6mm. The servomotor is arranged on the side wall of the turbine pit at 45° from the horizontal center of the unit. Cylinder, piston, push-pull rod and front and rear cylinder heads.


Eleven. Water and air pipeline arrangement. The water and air pipeline includes the main shaft sealed water supply and drainage system, the sealed compressed air system and the corresponding automation components are overhauled, when the water and gas supply does not meet the requirements or is interrupted, an alarm signal can be issued, and the main shaft sealed water supply can be interrupted. Automatic shutdown. The drainage is connected to the collection well of the power station.