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Installation of Water Guiding Mechanism And Main Shaft of Hydroelectric Generator

September 16, 2020

Installation of water guiding mechanism and main shaft of hydroelectric generator

Water guiding mechanism assembly
1.1 The guide vanes are installed in the order of numbering, and then the top cover, sleeve, guide vane friction device, guide vane cutting device, etc. are suspended, and the top cover is adjusted to make each guide vane rotate flexibly. Before the top cover is installed, clean the drain holes.
1.2 Install the top cover support, control ring and various connecting rod parts. Before installing the control ring, the sliding groove of the support should be cleaned.
1.3 Install and adjust the height and level of the control ring guide vane locking device.
1.4 Check the opening of the guide vane.
1.5 Installation quality requirements.
The guide vane rotates flexibly.
The clearance between the upper and lower end faces of the guide vane meets the requirements of the drawing.
When the guide vane is in the fully closed position, the allowable partial clearance of the guide vane elevation meets the drawing requirements. The difference between the gap of each stop ring and the design gap should not exceed ±0.15mm.
forster turbine2
2. Connection and cranking of the unit shaft
2.1 The following conditions should be met before coupling
2.1.1 The generator has been cranked separately, and the swing meets the requirements.
2.1.2 The center and verticality of the turbine shaft have been aligned and qualified.
The difference between each gap at the stop ring of the runner and the design gap shall not exceed ±0.15mm.
2.1.3 The generator has been precisely aligned with the turbine shaft, with an accuracy of 0.1mm. The deviation of the spindle verticality should not be greater than 0.02mm/m.
2.2 The surfaces of the front two flanges of the coupling and the coupling bolt holes should be cleaned.
2.3 Use the coupling tool to make the turbine runner and the main shaft rise steadily, and pre-tighten the coupling bolts as required. The elongation value of the bolts is 0.38~0.42mm. When pre-tightening the coupling bolts, it should be done symmetrically.
2.4 After pre-tightening the coupling bolts, check the combined surface of the flange. There should be no gap in the combined surface. Check with a 0.02mm feeler gauge, and it cannot be inserted.
2.5 Pre-tightening Bolt connection pre-tightening adopts flame heating method, the specific operation process can refer to the pre-tightening method of the coupling stud between the runner and the main shaft.
2.6 Use the cranking method to check and adjust the axis swing of the unit.
2.7 Installation quality requirements
The coupling bolts must be tight enough to measure their elongation.
After the axis of the unit is adjusted, the absolute swing of the guide bearing neck of the turbine should not exceed 0.10mm. The installation height of the runner is based on the alignment of the horizontal centerline of the runner and the horizontal centerline of the guide vane of the water guide. HL(E)-LJ-215 Turbine Installation Rules The level of the inlet of the lower ring of the runner is lower than the flow meter of the bottom ring The plane is 0.5~1.5mm, and the upper crown and lower ring are not allowed to protrude from the surface of the runner.