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Safety Inspection Points Of Hydropower Station | Dry Goods

March 21, 2020

As we all know, hydropower stations should be inspected and maintained regularly. Meanwhile, the equipment of hydropower stations is the key point of inspection. Our common hydropower station equipment includes water turbine, generator, control cabinet, governor, valve, transformer and so on.
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Turbines and generators are the most important components.
Everyone knows that hydropower stations need regular inspection and maintenance. At the same time, the equipment of hydropower stations is the focus of inspection. Our common hydropower station equipment is
I. Safety inspection of factory area and factory building

(I) Verification of design standards

1. Investigate the flood control design standards for buildings such as the main power plant, auxiliary power plant, main transformer site, switch station, exit yard, and access roads (holes) in the hydropower station.

2. Check whether the elevation of the dyke (wall) of the bank-type ground powerhouse is higher than the upstream water level of the river channel corresponding to the flooding of the powerhouse.

(2) Investigation of overall arrangement

1. Investigate the location of underground powerhouse traffic shafts, bus bar shafts, and ventilation smoke exhaust (well) exits.

2. Investigate the impact of flood, rain and fog areas, flood discharge areas and jet areas, and pressure pipe accidents on the entrances to the plant's or underground powerhouses' traffic tunnel entrances, traffic shafts, bus shafts, ventilation smoke tunnel (well) exits, and the entry and exit lines .

3. Investigate the possibility and consequences of debris flow caused by all gullies in the surrounding slopes of the plant area, as well as the measures for blocking and discharging.

4. Investigate the location, size, elevation, and blocking and drainage measures of holes, pipe trenches, channels, and reserved gaps that connect upstream and downstream or river channels (which may cause flooding of the plant).
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5. Troubleshoot the elevation of the tailgate's operating gallery or operating platform.

6. Investigate the flood prevention measures for the entrance of the underground powerhouse traffic tunnel and the installation of safe access routes for personnel.

7. Investigate the layout of the tailwater canals of the bank-type ground powerhouse, scouring or silting protection measures, and plans.

8. Troubleshoot the length and height of the upstream and downstream diversion walls between the river-bed factory building and the spill building.

9. Investigate the setting of flood gates and the operation and management of the connecting passages between the plant and the dam corridor.

(3) Safety inspection of plant structure

1. Check the structural integrity of the plant roof and the drainage patency.

2. Inspect the structural integrity and operating form of the upper and lower retaining walls of the ground power plant for cracks and leaks.

3. Inspect the integrity of the concrete structure of the volute casing of the factory building for any hidden dangers such as cracks and leaks.

4. Check whether there is any leakage in the cross-sealing of the riverbed plant.

5. Check the stability and foundation scouring conditions of the bank-type ground powerhouse flood control dyke (wall).

6. Check the operation of the plugging and plugging structures of the underground power plant system that is connected to the reservoir or water conveyance tunnel, or the exit of the construction plant, geological exploration tunnel, etc., where the exit of the power plant is very low.

7. Check the treatment and operation of large geological structural zones, fault fracture zones, joint fissure development areas, mined-out areas and groundwater-enriched areas, large karst caves, underground rivers and other parts in the main cave of the underground powerhouse (if any)

(IV) Safety inspection of the bank and the upstream and downstream rivers of the plant

1. Check the overall stability of the bank slope.

2. Check the overall stability of the upstream and downstream river banks and back slopes of the plant.

3. Check the river bed for siltation, blockage and illegal occupation.

4. Verify the water level and discharge relationship of the riverbed at the site.

5. Check whether the backwater of the downstream cascade power station supports the downstream water level of the plant.

2. Safety inspection of water diversion system

1. Investigate pipelines and equipment connected to reservoirs, water inlets, and water diversion systems, and check the integrity of expansion joints.

2. Check the deformation and cracks of the open pipe before and after the plant enters the factory (non-destructive testing if necessary), the deformation and water seepage of the steel pipe welds and expansion joints, the deformation of the steel pipe support structure, and the sides of the open pipe bed Deformation of the slope, whether the drainage system is smoo