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The Development Of Hydroelectric Generators In China

September 11, 2020

Turbines and auxiliary machinery are important hydropower equipment, an indispensable part of the hydropower industry, and are important equipment that makes full use of clean and renewable energy to achieve energy conservation, emission reduction and reduce environmental pollution. Its technological development is comparable to the development scale of my country’s hydropower industry. adapt. Driven by my country's power demand, my country's hydraulic turbine and auxiliary machinery manufacturing industry has entered a period of rapid development, and its economic scale and technical level have been significantly improved. my country's hydraulic turbine manufacturing technology has reached the world's advanced level.
The comprehensive strength of my country's hydraulic turbine and auxiliary machinery manufacturing industry has increased significantly, and the whole industry has shown a vigorous development and vigorous situation. The signs of the industry's improvement are reflected in the improvement of the quality of economic operation and the significant growth of economic benefits. In 2010, there were 68 enterprises above the scale of my country's hydraulic turbine and auxiliary machinery manufacturing industry (annual sales revenue above 5 million yuan), achieving sales revenue of 4.470 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.35%; realizing total profits of 323 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.16% .
In 2010, my country’s installed hydropower capacity reached 211 million kilowatts. The newly approved hydropower capacity was 13.22 million kilowatts and the scale under construction was 77 million kilowatts. According to my country's commitment to the international community that "non-petrochemical energy will reach 15% of total energy by 2020", the installed capacity of my country's hydropower industry must reach 380 million kilowatts in 2020. Even according to my country’s “Medium and Long-term Development Plan for Renewable Energy”, it is determined that by 2020, the installed hydropower capacity will reach 300 million kilowatts. Within 11 years, nearly 300 large-scale hydropower units with a single unit capacity of more than 50 kilowatts will be added in China. Newly installed 25 large-scale hydroelectric generating units of 500,000 kilowatts and above. If the installed capacity of 380 million kilowatts is reached by 2020, my country’s required hydraulic turbines and auxiliary equipment will further increase. The development prospects of my country’s hydraulic turbine and auxiliary equipment industry are broad. Moreover, due to China’s rapid technological innovation and progress, as well as outstanding and mature Technology, large hydropower projects in many countries are now handed over to Chinese suppliers.
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