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The Installation Structure of The Hydro-generator

July 13, 2020

The installation structure of the hydro-generator is usually determined by the type of hydro-turbine. There are mainly the following types:

1) Horizontal structure

Hydrogenerators of horizontal structure are usually driven by impulse hydraulic turbines. Horizontal turbine units usually use two or three bearings. The structure of the two bearings is short in axial length, compact in structure, and easy to install and adjust. However, when the critical speed of the shaft system cannot meet the requirements or the bearing load is large, this requires a three-bearing structure. Most of the domestic bedroom turbine generator sets belong to small and medium-sized units. Large horizontal units with a capacity of 12.5MW are also produced. It is not uncommon for horizontal turbine generator sets produced abroad to have a capacity of 60-70MW, while horizontal turbine generator sets with pumped storage power stations have a single unit capacity Up to 300MW.



2) Vertical structure

The vertical structure is widely used in domestic hydro-generator sets. Vertical hydro-generator sets are usually driven by Francis or axial flow turbines. The vertical structure can be divided into suspension type and umbrella type. The thrust bearing of the generator located on the upper part of the rotor is collectively called the suspension type, and the one located on the lower part of the rotor is generally called the umbrella type.

3) Tubular structure

The tubular turbine generator set is driven by the tubular turbine. Tubular turbine is a special type of axial turbine with fixed or adjustable runner blades. Its main feature is that the runner axis is arranged horizontally or obliquely, and is consistent with the water flow direction of the inlet and outlet pipes of the turbine. Tubular turbine generator has the advantages of compact structure and light weight, and is widely used in power plants with low head.